Sunday, January 30, 2011


All new entries will be update in our blog after CNY.
So get ready to buy our stuff.
Any suggestion please let us know example the price range and etc.
BTW we had reach 1000 view within two(2) weeks since we started.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Look

Stripes high waist skirt (Black & Grey)
Price: RM45

Stripes high waist skirt (Black & White)
Price: RM45

Funky printed skirt
Price: RM40

Funky printed skirt
Price: RM40

Blue top
Price: RM30

Stripes top (Black & White)
Price: RM30
also available in (Dark blue & White)

Long sleeves top (Green)
Price: RM35
also available in Purple colour

Black & White Jumper
also available in Dark blue & White colour

High Waist Pants (Navy blue)
Price: RM 54

Polka dots Long Skirt (Blue)
Price: RM49

Polka dots Long Skirt (Grey)
Price: RM49

Polka dots Long Skirt (Black)
Price: RM49

Stripes boyfriend top
Price: RM55

Friday, January 21, 2011

Words about Kampus Khazanah Alam, UiTM Jengka Pahang

We were given a task on interviewing 4 people in UiTM Jengka on what do they like about the campus.

"I am very satisfy with this campus because they provide us with complete facilities. The place i love the most in this campus is Library because the place is very cozy and quiet. I feel very comfortable to study."
-Farah Hanna Roslam, BM 112-

"I like Tenet Park because that is the place where I can released the pressure on me and I can hang out with my friends while waiting for the next class."
-Muhd Naqib Ramlee, BM 111-

"Since I am an archer, I think I love the archery target field near the tennis court because I can practice my skills on my free time."
-Farah Amelia Bahtiar, BM 111-

"the place i like most is the fast trek class building because the place is new and the facility is complete and new with air conditioner so make me comfortable to study."
-Fadhullah Dahlan Ibrahim BM 111-

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Family

                                                                            Teera Azhar

                                                                         Farihin Azam

                                                                         Liyana Malek

                                                                       Faiz Wahab

What is BubblePOP ?

BubblePOP is a group blog which is owned by Teera Azhar, Farihin Azam, Liyana Malek & Muhd Faiz. This is the best blog where you can get the latest fashionable clothes, art stuffs and lomo camera. We'll update about our products soon. Stay tuned guys! :)