Friday, January 21, 2011

Words about Kampus Khazanah Alam, UiTM Jengka Pahang

We were given a task on interviewing 4 people in UiTM Jengka on what do they like about the campus.

"I am very satisfy with this campus because they provide us with complete facilities. The place i love the most in this campus is Library because the place is very cozy and quiet. I feel very comfortable to study."
-Farah Hanna Roslam, BM 112-

"I like Tenet Park because that is the place where I can released the pressure on me and I can hang out with my friends while waiting for the next class."
-Muhd Naqib Ramlee, BM 111-

"Since I am an archer, I think I love the archery target field near the tennis court because I can practice my skills on my free time."
-Farah Amelia Bahtiar, BM 111-

"the place i like most is the fast trek class building because the place is new and the facility is complete and new with air conditioner so make me comfortable to study."
-Fadhullah Dahlan Ibrahim BM 111-

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